The Indian Paint Association (IPA) is a national body  which represents both the Organized Sector and the Small Sector. It is a voluntary non-political and non-profit organization which promotes the interests of the paint industry and the society.

IPA was founded by amalgamating the former two associations, Indian paint Manufacturers Association and Paint Federation on 1st July, 1960. The first important assignment undertaken by the IPA was to organize an All India Conference of Paint Manufacturers to discuss the various problems that arose. With this, the IPA took upon itself the onus of steering the course of the paint industry.

In its formative years the IPA devoted considerable time and effort to examine the problems of fiscal issues, DGS & D and so on, so as to redress the difficulties arising out of Government’s regulator and control measures. With the new perspective of a liberalized economy, the IPA is now changing its focus to a more promotive role from the erstwhile protective role.

The IPA seeks to effectively channel and reinforce the endeavours of the paint industry to contribute towards development and to help improve the standards by making the products of high technology easily available.