How to Join

The IPA Governing Body manages memberships from both the Ordinary Membership and the Associate Membership. In order to seek membership into the IPA, applicants have to apply according to the prescribed guideline.

The application forms that have been completed according to the issued guidelines should be forwarded to the IPA Secretariat at Kolkata. The application will be then presented before the concerned regional committee at its regional meeting, which takes place usually once a quarter.

After considering the application in the meeting, the regional committee may forward this application to the secretary of the association for an acceptance/rejection into the governing body. On approval of the application, the applicant is informed that they are now a member and are eligible for all services of the association with immediate effect.

The completed form may be faxed or e-mailed to the IPA Secretariat at Kolkata.

However, it should be informed in advanced if a copy is sent through fax or e-mail. A signed copy along with a Cheque/ Demand Draft of Rs. 5371/- should be sent by mail separately. The application will be processed, only on receiving the signed application form and payment.

In case of further queries please contact us at

How to obtain the membership form?

From the IPA Secretariat: 

Mr. Ashok Barat
The Indian Paint Association Secretariat
Affiliated with CII
6, Netaji Subhas Road,
Kolkata 700 001

Tel : +9133 2231 5571 – 5574 , 2231 2951 (Direct)

Mobile : +91 9830029606

Fax : +9133 2231 5577

E-mail : /