The Indian Paint Association (IPA) came into existence on the 1st of July, 1960, jointly established by the Indian Paint Manufacturers Association and the Paint Federation. Representing the Organized as well as the Small Scale Sector, IPA is a national, non-political, voluntary and non-profit organisation aimed at promoting the interests of the paint industry and of the society.

In its infancy, the IPA primarily examined the problems of the fiscal issues, DGS & D, etc., investing a lot of time and effort into rectifying the difficulties arising out of the government's regulatory and control measures. On route to achieving this, the IPA organized an All India Conference of Paint Manufacturers. This conference was IPA`s first important assignment as it provided a platform for addressing various problems. Since then, the IPA has led the paint industry by example.

Advancing with a fresh perspective of a liberalized economy, the IPA is currently making a shift from its former protective role to a more promotive role.